Greetings Rotarians! 
Congratulations to all of our members that had met a Years of Service Milestone!  Our club is very fortunate to have each and every single one of you and your commitment to Rotary is inspiring. Thank you Don Hannig for all of your hard work in recognizing these exceptional Rotarians.  We had recognized 5 years of service all the way up to 55 Years!  Talk about Service above Self!  As Don had mentioned...Time sometimes fuels comfort and complacency.  He asked that everyone take this moment in time to re-commit themselves to all things Rotary.    Members recognized are as follows: 5 Years of Service: Margie Becker; John Beljean, Cleo Jarvis, Debbie Kulick, Gail Kulick, Edward Regina, Stacy Rodriguez, Michael Katz, Jennifer Keat, Tom Kirkwood, Trudie Lear, Stan Miles and Mary Louise Parker.  10 Years of Service: DG Karen DeMatteo, Phyllis Gibson, James Hall, Leslie Underhill, Bibi Melman and Marlo Merhige.  15 Years of Service: Rick Mutchler and Tom Helfst.  20 Years of Service: Denise Cebular and Charles Kirkwood.  25 Years of Service: President Jeff Gilbert, Patrick Forney and Don Hannig.  30 Years of Service: Paul Shuchman. 35 Years of Service: Kirby Upright.  40 Years of Service: Don Page and Jeff Wright.  50 Years of Service: Frank Herting.  55 Years of Service: Walter Peeney (pictured above)
Congratulations to all!
Jeff Gilbert
2019-2020 President