2021-2022 Board Members

 As we approach the 2021-22 Centennial Year, we want to introduce the 2021-22 Board of Directors. This promises to be a great year as we celebrate a Century of Community Service by doing monthly Hundred Acts of Kindness. DGE Mary Ellen Bentler installed the Board at the June 24 meeting. Officers and Directors are:
President - Don Hannig                                                 President Elect - Dave Yarosh
1st Vice President - David Super                                   2nd VP - David Woods
Secretary - Ann Super                                                    Treasurer - Marlo Merhige
Director - Stacy Rodriguez                                             Director - Jillian Olsen
Director - Zerle Bartolome                                             Satellite Director - Gail Kulick
Corresponding Secretary - Ann Super                            Assistant Treasurer - Rob Thompson
Membership Chair - Karen DeMatteo                            Sergeant-at-Arms - Jeff Gilbert
Assistant Sergeant-at-Arms - Jennifer Narkavitch         Rotary Foundation Chair - Jim Becker
Immediate Past President - Cleo Jarvis