This past week the satellite club held its regular Thursday meeting which was hosted by Ed Regina at Regina Farms.  The meeting was held in conjunction with the local business group from the Smithfields and Lehman Township, PEBA.  This provided an opportunity to introduce Rotary to local business owners as well as enjoy some fellowship time together.  
The evening also included a program presented by Senator Mario Scavello who addressed a full range of topics from updates on roadwork throughout the county to the current status of gasoline taxes as well as proposed legislation concerning school taxes to the legalization of marijuana.  
Senator Scavello also shared information directed to entrepreneurs and available resources for both residents and businesses.  He was gracious and stayed longer than expected answering questions and sharing insights into the workings of Harrisburg now and historically leading to issues we deal with today.
A sincere thank you to Ed Regina for his hospitality in hosting the meeting and fellowship evening.