Christof from El Refugio, the Children’s Home in Honduras, gave a presentation and showed pictures of their work there. The Home provides safe housing, education, health care, activities, vocational training, and lots of love to approximately 75 boys and girls ages 2-20. Through a partnership of over 33 Rotary Clubs, including the Dunmore Club and ours, we have been able to benefit hundreds of students, providing a new school and church building, and thousands of hearing aids for hearing impaired children and adults. He thanked us for all our support and for helping to provide these children with hope and opportunities.
What is El Rugio?
EL REFUGIO is a non-denominational home for children who can not grow up with their families for various reasons. In home life orphans, abandoned by their parents or relatives girls and boys and children out of extreme poverty and very difficult family situations. Many of them are victims of violence and have already made ​​bad experiences in her short life.
In home 75 children, divided equally girls and boys who are between two and sixteen years old live. As a recognized institution, the children of the Juvenile Court and the State Family and Children's Institute IHNFA be assigned to us.
EL REFUGIO located in Ticamaya, a small village about 20 kilometers outside the industrial city of San Pedro Sula in Honduras. Our infrastructure comprises four children's homes with space for 20 children, a primary school, a workshop, a covered playground, a football and basketball court and several playgrounds and a large garden. Our area is 14,000 square meters and is nestled in a beautiful, green landscape.
Our goal is to enable the children of EL REFUGIO a positive personal development in a decent environment. We attach particular importance to a solid education, education and preparation for independent living. We also try the relatives of the children, if possible, to involve in this process. When the children reach the age of 18 years, they should be able to care for themselves. EL REFUGIO but supports children who want to undertake a more extensive vocational training scholarships.
The staff of the home consists of three supervisors, three primary teachers, a social worker, a psychologist, a nurse, two cooks, a washerwoman, a nanny, a driver and two guards. These usually two volunteers from Switzerland to work in the home with.
The home is supported by the Foundation EL REFUGIO Switzerland.