The Bahama Islands experienced a catastrophic event with the impact of Hurricane Dorian.  At last week's Rotary lunch meeting, I mentioned that as a Rotary Club, we would be looking to receive contributions that would be directed to the relief efforts for those impacted by the Hurricane.
Beginning with today's meetings (lunch and evening), we will begin collecting money that will be directed to the relief efforts in the Bahamas.  Those interested in supporting this effort can make checks payable to the Stroudsburgs Rotary Foundation (we will also be passing a basket for cash contributions).  Those contributions will be going directly to the Bahamas Disaster Fund.  We will be collecting money over the next 2 weeks.
Those of you interested can go to the Bahamas District website at to learn more about the Disaster Relief efforts.
Thanks to each of you for all that you do to improve Our Community (local and the world).