Once again, Stroudsburgs Rotary was on the move in the community. We took on two initiatives for our local non-profits on August 5 and 7. Rotarians Ann Super, Dave Super, Dave Fox, Cheryl Cloke, Gene Prospero and Zerle Bartolome took on various tasks such as records updating, painting and floor stripping. Rotarians Jillian Olsen, Stacy Rodriguez and Leslie Underhill went to Meals on Wheels to repaint and exterior wall. Jillian recruited her newest employee Ally Bish, Cherry Ridge Project Scientist to join in the endeavor. Other duties as assigned? There are more projects to come so stay tuned. If there is a particular outreach you want to tackle, notify Rotarian Dave Super to see what we can do. If you are doing volunteer work in the name of Rotary during the Centennial year, let Dave know so we can record and capture our impact. These are all examples of our 100 Acts of Kindness every month.