Stroudsburgs Rotarian Sponsor Bob Lear, Stroudsburgs Rotarian PDG Karen DeMatto and Rotarian Jim Becker present a Stroudsburgs Rotary Foundation Grant to Pocono Cinema President Courtney Tolino.
Pocono Cinema will partner with East Stroudsburg University professors to screen movies related to their classes. Following the films, the professor will lead a discussion. Movies will feature timely topics such as the depiction of women in films. This series will be provided at no cost to students. Three movies will be offered on different topics over the semester.  To obtain the rights for a public screening, the studio fees are typically $300.  Pocono Cinema will be donating the space to use for the screenings and discussions.
Pocono Cinema will offer additional screenings of each movie that will be open to the community at a reduced ticket price of $5.  These screenings will also have a discussion following the film.  The series will either begin September 2020 or January 2021 depending on when ESU resumes classes on campus.
Great films inspire conversations. Through the Cinema Film Club, Pocono Cinema offers the audience opportunities to engage with our films on a deeper level.  Movies can be a more approachable medium that allows people to engage in meaningful discussions.  Screenings with discussions allows students and community members to connect and fosters a sense of community.