Posted on Apr 27, 2017
Members of the club were recognized for all of their years of service.  Rotarian Don Hannig shared Rotarians accomplishments through the years.  Angelo Ortenzi (who also has perfect attendance) and John Kulba have been members of the club for 50 and 55 years respectively.  John also shared with the club that his Rotary journey began as he was finishing medical school and was encouraged by a Rotarian professor to open a practice in the Poconos and join Rotary.  The rest as they say is history.  Click below to see all the photos from that day!
5 year members are Harriet Dronska (not pictured); Lynda Keefer, Jessica C. Peetz and President Ruth Ann Rocchio.  Also Ramlah Vahanvaty
10 year members are Rob Howell, Maria Candelaria, Holley Kearns, Michelle Baehr, Rich Berkowitz and not pictured are Ed Kmetz, Jodey Mutchler and Rick Munson. 
15 year members are Jim Becker, Ginny Kirkwood and John Hoback (not pictured)
20 year member Dave Yarosh is pictured with President Ruth Ann. 
25 year members are Dick Ludwig, Bob Lear and Ted Butz
35 year members are Neal Simpson and Gary Roberts 
40 year members are Ray Starner (not present but congrats to him)!
45 year members are Ernie Rydell (not pictured) and Clarence Murphy