Posted on Jun 22, 2017
President Elect of Morning Star Rotary Cheryl Baker talked about PATH, Profession Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship.  Participants enroll in Equi-librium as individuals as well as through schools, human services agencies, and wellness support groups.  Therapeutic horsemanship activities are beneficial for those with physical disabilities, cognitive, behavioral and mental health issues and developmental delays.  For individuals with physical disabilities, the rhythmic movement of the horse helps them loosen muscles and increase strength and flexibility.  Posture, balance, attention to task and motor skills are enhanced by exercises done on the horse.  
For those with emotional or psychological challenges, the combination of sport, education, therapy, recreation and leisure results in the improvement of behavior, communication, perception and social skills.  In all cases, individuals work on specific goals designed to improve their daily living and coping abilities. For more info visit