Fellow Rotarians, new and not so new, as Fall approaches so do our Rotary Leadership Institute
Classes.  Our club has budgeted for quite a few members to attend either virtually to one of the 4 upcoming events or in person right here in our own District.
Please visit www.rlinea.org to view the dates and sign up.  If you are a new member or have never taken the sessions before, you would sign up for 
Part I. If you have already completed Part I then you would move onto II or III.  These are usually from 9 am to 2pm if virtually and the in person session will begin at 8am with breakfast.  
Please let the Membership Team know when you sign up as your registration will be required to reimburse you for attendance. This is a great way to learn more about Rotary, leadership and get to know other Rotarians from the Northeast. District 7410 will be hosting an in-person session on Saturday, October 16th, 2021 Lackawanna College Angeli Hall 501 Vine Street Scranton, PA 18509 The cost is $90 per attendee and includes breakfast and lunch.
Feel free to reach out to the Membership Team with any questions. karenandrotary@gmail.com