Some Super Heroes Wear Rotary Badges
Whether it be…
  • Dropping food off at a food pantry
  • Helping to clean a shelter for battered women and rape victims
  • Feeding the elderly at a facility that houses elders
  • Dropping off balloons to brighten the lives of community members
  • Organizing a Highway Clean-up project
  • Ringing the Salvation Army Bell to attract donations
  • Writing a grant to provide technology to Head-start children
  • Fishing with Veterans to soothe PTSD
  • Helping to erect an inclusive playground for all children
  • Helping to establish a sewing machine project in Peru to empower women
  • Contributing to Pedal cart project in India so folks can get to work
  • Supporting Cancer Patient Distraction Therapy
Rotarians live a life of service to others… selflessly and generously. That is why I say emphatically that…
              Our Super heroes are our very own Rotarians and their capes are their Rotary Badges.