February Fundraisers -
Feb 9 - We had a great time at Silverback Distillery  making  soy candles with Rotarian Danica Hartenfels. There were about 11 participants, 2 Rotarians and Stacy's 2 daughters joined in also. We enjoyed making the candles and playing some candle trivia.  20% of the proceeds go to Stroudsburg Rotary and Danica is also donating another 10% to one of the Silverback employees who going through some trying times.
Thank you to those that purchased a candle last week. We still have the online sale going on WickItCandleBar.com
Feb 11 - Superbowl Fundraiser - SOLD OUT!!! Thank you to all that participated!!! We raised $1500 for Stroudsburgs Rotary Foundation.
Mike Raub and other Rotarians randomly picked numbers out of a hat to record on the grid. Below was the grid which was emailed to everyone.
If I'm doing this correctly 
            SF       KC      Winners
1Q         0         0       Cheryl Cloke     $100
2Q       10         3       Kyle Maloney    $300
3Q       10        13      Kyle Maloney    $100
4Q       19        19         N/A - OT
Final Score   SF 22   KC  25       Georgia K  $500