August 3rd  4-7PM - Pocono Mountains United Way Back to School Drive Distribution
August - scheduled Community Days of Service Thursday August 5 between 1:30P and 5:00P and Saturday, August 7 beginning at 9:00A
  1. Meals on Wheels 901 Polk Valley Rd. Stroudsburg:                                                                                                                                                   *Painting over a small area of wood siding that is currently pink.  Requires 2 people for 2 hrs but no more than 4 hours.  The preferred work     day is Thursday , but will be accomplished on Saturday if weather is an issue.  Jillian Olsen is the point of contact for this event. E-Mail her at 
      2. Pocono Family YMCA, Main St., Stroudsburg, PA.  They have a number of projects as follows:
                 * Painting outside: 4 hours (2 -3 volunteers)
                    Parking lot cleanup: 2 hours (2 volunteers)
                    Scanning documents/shredding/organizing: 2 to 4 hours (2 volunteers)
                    Painting inside (office and stairwells: 4 hours (2-3 volunteers)
We will work on Thursday because there is work to do inside and will not be impacted by weather. 
Any outside work not completed on Thursday due to weather or lack of volunteers will be done on Saturday.  
Dave Super is the point of contact for this event.  E-mail him at 
      3. Developmental Education Services, 400 Powerhouse Lane, Stroudsburg
DES would like volunteers to wash their company minivans and cars. This will require 5 to 10 volunteers, and the desired date of service is Saturday, August 7.   
We are looking to see if  we could make this an event for our Rotaract Club members, but may additional volunteers may be required. 
Please consider volunteering for one of these events.  We are going to need a minimum of 15 people to accomplish these projects.