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Volume 90 Issue 36 April 15, 2021
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President's Corner
What If?
Many citizens of the United States can be overheard stating that they would never allow this or that to happen or could never do certain things. I usually play opposites advocate by asking, “But what if you lived in a place where the law was against you and you had no one to help you?”
What if…
  1. You are female and the law states that your family can marry you off at age 12?
  2. Contraceptives including condoms were banned where you live?
  3. It is legal for women to be “disciplined”—and only hospitalization for 21 days makes it prosecutable
  4. Husbands can never be charged with raping a wife
  5. Women are not allowed to work—therefore males decide all money matters including healthcare necessities
Would you be able to advocate for yourself and obtain the services that you need for yourself and your children? 
Their responses would astound me in that some folks usually had no clue that there are many places on this planet—including right in the good old USA—where women and children are marginalized, disrespected and even worse—disregarded and relegated to the “don’t matter as much pile.”
Fact is… there are many ways to tell a person they don’t matter even without uttering a single word. One of the most prevalent ways in mainstream society is that at the advent of every perceived crisis elsewhere funding and resources earmarked for essentials of a targeted group are diverted. This practice has been markedly highlighted lately due to the COVID pandemic.
Reports from experts highlight the adverse impact of responses to COVID-19 on pregnant women, newborn babies, young children, and adolescents—as massive. Funding for essential health services as well as social and financial support became even less sufficient. Constraints such as mass closures of facilities, as well as supply shortfalls—hinder access to vital services. The outcomes are an increase in hunger for children, adolescents suffering emotionally from isolation, increase in domestic violence, etc.
Tragically, until the “don’t matter much pile” is discarded and everyone’s needs met with the same level of consideration—there will continue to be crises for maternal and children’s health throughout the world.
What could WE do?  Join the millions of Rotarians at work who bring attention, as well as services—and sustainably bring relief to those in need.
Highway Clean UP
Rotarian John Kulba organized the Highway Cleanup on April 10. Rotarians met at the Sunoco Station, 1229 W. Main St, Stroudsburg, PA and cleaned up the ramp on Rte 80. This was a much needed service to the community. PenDot provided gloves, bags and safety vests were provided. Rotarians in Action were John Kulba, Peter Andrews, Violette Francios, Gene Prospero, John Beljean, Andy Kolba, Lisa Kolba, Bob Lear, Kin Roberts, Zerla Bartolme, Stacy Rodriguez, President Elect Don Hannig and PDG Karen DeMatteo (photographer). Rotarians take on even the dirties jobs to help our community!
Lovin' Lunch 
24 members donated $840 to feed 75-80 persons engaged in nonprofit activities. We provided staff at various agencies and at PATH staff and residents a delicious lunch. Rotarian Lisa Kolba helped us expand our offering with her culinary delights while we still gave business to Siamsa, Willowtree, Cinder Inn and Sycamore Grill. Thanks to those who stepped up to make this happen!
Gene Sheninger
Gene Sheninger gave us an entertaining talk on sheep and duck herding and training border collies. He has been doing this over 35 years, currently operating Wayside Farms. He also discussed how farmers today have to diversify and so adopt different agritainment endeavors. So these training operations and sheep herding exercises become demonstrations to educate and inform. He also works with different breeds but border collies are his primary target. After all, they have been doing this for over 400 years. Maybe we have something to learn from them.
99 Years of Stroudsburg Rotary 
Stroudsburg Rotary marks a major milestone on 4/29/21. We will be in service to the Stroudsburgs and beyond for 99 years. To celebrate, President Cleo is planning a fun event. Wear a crazy hat or tie to mark the event. Will be fun to see what she has planned for us!!!
Operation Honduras
Our Rotoract members are partnering with the Theta Chi Fraternity to raise money for the Operation Honduras organization to give the gifts of sight and sound for the poverty-stricken people of San Pedro Sula, Honduras. The event will be taking place starting Monday, 4/12/2021, and will run through this Thursday, 4/15/2021 with the total amount raised being announced on Friday, 4/16/2021.  The GoFundMe link is as follows:  Operation Honduras is an organization comprised of a grou… Isabel Ortiz needs your support for Operation Honduras
Spring Service Day Activities
Four agencies responded to our Service Day Request from for April 29 and May 1. The agency name, event date, activity, and Rotarian in charge follow below.  Please e-mail the Rotarian in charge of the service activity that you want to participate in.  More detailed information on each activity has been sent to each Rotarians e-mail.
1. Family Promise - 905 Main Street, Stroudsburg
Thursday April 29 - 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm
Activity: Planting flowers
Rotarian in Charge: Zerla Bartolome
2. Loder Senior Center.  62 Analomink Street, East Stroudsburg
Thursday April 29 – 1:30 pm to 5:00 pm
Activity: Paint front porch steps, paint sign posts, clean windows inside and out, rake out flower beds and lay down mulch. 
Rotarian in Charge: Leslie Underhill
3. Pocono Wildlife Rehabilitation and Education Center – Cherry Valley.  1161 Cherry Drive, Stroudsburg
Saturday May 1 - 9:00 am to 1:00 pm
Activity: Planting apple trees around the pond
Rotarian in Charge: Lisa Kolba

4. Bushkill Ambulance Corps. Village Center, Marshalls Creek.
Saturday May 1: Start time would be 10:00 am at Station A on Winona Falls Rd. 
Activity: Repainting lines in two ambulance garages.
Rotarian in Charge: Jillian Olsen 
Let’s get out there and help agencies that are doing good work in our community!  
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SAVE THE DATE: Our Club will celebrate its Centennial in the 2021-2022 time frame. The capstone event will be the gala on May 13, 2022 at Stroudsmoor County Inn on 257 Stroudsmoor Rd, Stroudsburg, PA.
Let's plan a party as we Celebrate a Century of Service. 
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