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Volume 88 Issue 47 June 6, 2019
Featured Speaker & Announcements
 A Visit From the Senator

This past week the satellite club held its regular Thursday meeting which was hosted by Ed Regina at Regina Farms.  The meeting was held in conjunction with the local business group from the Smithfields and Lehman Township, PEBA.  This provided an opportunity to introduce Rotary to local business owners as well as enjoy some fellowship time together.  
The evening also included a program presented by Senator Mario Scavello who addressed a full range of topics from updates on roadwork throughout the county to the current status of gasoline taxes as well as proposed legislation concerning school taxes to the legalization of marijuana.  
Senator Scavello also shared information directed to entrepreneurs and available resources for both residents and businesses.  He was gracious and stayed longer than expected answering questions and sharing insights into the workings of Harriburg now and historically leading to issues we deal with today.
A sincere thank you to Ed Regina for his hospitality in hosting the meeting and fellowship evening.
The Importance of Food Safety
Nicole McGeehan, a Penn State Extensiuon Educator discussed food borne illnesses and food borne outbreaks.  48 million people acquire a food borne illness.  The causes are failing to cook adequately, food is being served at incorrect temperatures, contaminated foods and food handlers having poor personal hygeine.   Last year, they published an article titled, Are You Handling Food Safely at Home?  We all know that we should wash our hands before preparing food or that we should check the temperatures of foods, especially meats, to be sure they are thoroughly cooked. However, a recent report from the Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) and U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) indicates that consumers (that’s you and me) need to work on improving our food handling practices in the home.

North Carolina State University (NCSU) and RTI International were contracted by FSIS and USDA to conduct meal preparation studies in actual food preparation situations to better evaluate consumer food handling behaviors. In the first part of a 5 part study, researchers focused on consumer use of food thermometers when cooking ground turkey patties.

Six test kitchens were set up in both urban and rural areas of North Carolina. Before preparing a meal in the kitchen participants were randomized into the treatment or control group. A total of 383 people participated in the study, 201 in the control group and 182 in the treatment group. The treatment group watched a 3- minute USDA food safety video on using a food thermometer to check the internal temperatures of food when cooking while the control group received no information. Cameras in the kitchens observed participant activity, specifically looking at use of the thermometer to check temperatures, final cooking temperature of the turkey burger, potential points of cross contamination and handwashing practices.  

The full article can be viewed at

Spring Fling
What a great time the Spring Fling was!  It was filled with fellowship and laughter as we celebrated President Lucille.  There was trivia, some great singing and reminiscing over the past years speakers and events.  Be sure to check the photo album here!
Banner Exchange
 Be sure to Register!  Our club is hosting this event.  What a great way to kick off the new Rotary Year!
Rotary International Convention
As Rotarians who have attended several Rotary International Conventions, Margie and I thought we would take a minute to communicate to all of you in our club about the experience.  If you have attended one in the past you already know why you should make the effort now to register and book your room.
1st, the registration price increases over time with the best price only being available through this Wednesday June 4th.
2nd, $395 per person to register for a convention? What will I receive for that? The most important thing you receive is access to the main sessions each day where you and tens of thousands of Rotarians will hear addresses from some of the most dynamic speakers in the world.  Check this link to see the list of speakers Rotarians now at convention in Hamburg Germany are hearing from. 
We have seen Laura Bush, Bill Gates, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Dolly Parton, Ashton Kutcher, Queen Noor, Andrew Young, John Cena and Jack Nicklaus.
Now this is hard to describe but I'm going to try.  If you have ever been to a sporting even, especially like a final or playoff game that ends in a dramatic and positive way and the entire stadium erupts?  Or maybe a concert of your favorite band or performer that closed a show with a dramatic performance that sends those around you into an uplifting euphoria. The immersion into Rotary and the good that we do is highlighted at these events and there are several times throughout these addresses and presentations that your will have these uplifting moments.
3rd, $395 per person to register for a convention? What will I receive for that? After each of the main sessions there is some form of world class entertainment.  We will never forget the Cirque du Soleil performance that closed the Montreal Convention. Rotary International usually comes up with some great performances. 
4th, $395 per person to register for a convention? What will I receive for that? Access to the a House of Friendship that is... well.. just huge.  This is an extremely large exhibit hall with displays, vendors, fellowship booths and entertainment.  We usually spend 3-4 hours going through the HOF over the course of the convention.
5th, $395 per person to register for a convention? Access to or hospitality events throughout convention.  These do cost extra and while Marge and I usually don't do a whole lot of these as we tend to go eat and explore on our own we do pick the best ones.  Last year the we had a fantastic meal and presentation by local Rotarians at a Agricultural Museum/Campus.  We will only decide on registering for those when they are announced.  
If we can offer any help to any of you in getting registered to attend, please let us know.  We have already registered and booked accommodations.  While we usually try to stay within walking distance of the convention center but next year we are traveling with another non-Rotarian couple and may stay in a condo a little further away.  Just keep in mind that all your housing options diminish as time goes on. 
All in all its a busy 4 days and yes if you want the best seats you need to get there early for each session although we can be paid to hold seats. (Take note DGE elect Karen has used our seat saving services exclusively.)
We hope you will consider joining us and thousands of Rotarians from around the world.
Jim and Margie
50/50-The pot was WON!  $519 Big Ones!  Can you guess who won it...the one, the only, MARGIE BECKER!  CONGRATULATIONS!
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Rotarian Duty Roster
Sign In: Jim Hall &          Tricia Wingerter
Greeters: Chuck Niclaus & Clarence Murphy
50/50: Stan Miles
Holley Kearns
MonRotary Notes:
Jennifer Narkavich
Rotarian Kin will be producing our clubs Polos!  There is a men's and a women's fit.  We will have them at the meetings starting June 6th so you can see what they look like and how they feel.  Cost is $25.  Checks can be made out to Rotary Club of the Stroudsburgs.  Jessica will be tracking orders and collecting the money.  Any questions, click the email address below:
or call her at 570-269-2891.
Jul 04, 2019
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Let's hear about WHY you JOINED Rotary and WHY you STAYED a ROTARIAN!  The marketing committee would like to do features of our members.  We would do a Facebook Live video to have it recorded, and include it on our website, MonRotary and District Newsletter.  Email if you would like to participate!  If you have any questions, call Jessica at 570-269-2891.
Upcoming Events
Project Healing Waters
Ray J Starners Property
Jul 10, 2019
9:00 AM – 3:30 PM
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