Monroe Career Pathways Coalition
Oct 31, 2019
Noon mtg - Joann Hudak, Ed.D. and Dr. Cosmas Curry
Monroe Career Pathways Coalition

Rotarian Jim Becker will introduce the program:

Monroe County is trying to strengthen its future workforce and that starts with students.  

 The four school districts, two colleges, business leaders and nonprofits in the county makeup the Monroe Career Pathways Coalition. The group hopes to ensure students of all ages have the knowledge and skills to meet the needs of employers within the county. The idea is for businesses to help mentor students with on the job training.

  “To make sure our kids have an understanding of the world of work and basically where are the jobs? What are the skills and related education that I need to succeed in a career,” Said Dr. Joann Hudak, National Center for College and Career Transitions  

 Dr. Cosmas Curry, Superintendent Stroudsburg Area School District added, “It may not identify a career. I think what it will do is give the students mechanical and aptitude testing if you will to determine what they’re good at and then let them self-select.”

  Six other counties in the state have started similar programs in the past two years.