Posted on Sep 07, 2017
At the meeting 2 weeks ago we discussed the devastating images of Houston and the surrounding area.  There are many service organizations reaching out to people in need.  Food, shelter, clothes, medicine and the list goes on.  The estimated amount of relief needed is now in the tens of billions.  It is overwhelming.  We wanted to tackle the questions "How can we donate to Rotary and where will our donations go?"
There was a district conference call on Saturday morning with DG Karin Breitlauch and others to discuss the most effective means for us to donate through Rotary and encourage friends and families to do the same.  It was determined that immediately, as a district, we do not have the required expertise or connections to provide aid directly.
Rotary International has set up a Donor Advised Fund (number 608) to collect and disburse money.  This will allow donations to be made to a 501(c)3 fund, with the assurance that it will go to where it is needed most.  
You will be asked to enter the account name (The Gulf Coast Disaster Relief Fund) and the account number (608).  
For detailed answers and if you would like to donate by other means please click the document below.  This information sheet on the Donor Advised Fund, may be reproduced and publicized to our members and the public.  Presidential Aide Don Mebus and Past RI Director Greg Podd hosted a strategy conference with governors from Districts 5390, 5840, 5890, 5910 and 6200 in Texas and Louisiana to develop a cohesive response.  
Thank you to those who donated when we passed the hat.  Those funds will go to our foundation and be sent to assist hurricane victims.  As more information becomes available, myself or another Rotary member will make it available to others.  
Yours in service, Rob