Education and Rotary’s Six Areas of Focus
The Rotary International theme for September is “Basic Education and Literacy.” It is also one of the six areas of focus. Studies have shown that education at any level has positive effects on life. From kindergarten on up, there are multiple benefits to getting an education. These benefits include better wellness, higher wages in careers, new cultural experiences and more.
Economic and Community Development:  Financial Literacy and Wellness
Education increases earning potential. Many companies place a premium on those who hold degrees or certificates, and will pay more to someone with a higher level of education. Some benefits of education and the other five areas of focus are:
Mother and Child’s Health:  Better Physical Wellness
Education can impact the overall wellness of individuals. Studies have shown that more educated people tend to purchase healthier foods and are more likely to make healthy choices as they age.
Water Cleanliness:  Environmental Impact
Hygiene Education highlights how access to clean water impacts the overall wellness of a community.
Prevention and Treatment of Disease:  Improved Mental Wellness
The opportunities that education affords people tend to improve a person’s viewpoint regarding self, as well as that of the world. A sound mind leads to choices for a sound body.
Resolution of Conflicts and the Promotion of Peace:  Cultural Exposure
When people from various cultures and backgrounds meet and exchange ideas, knowledge of the world is increased… which fosters better understanding of others. Understanding leads to empathy which leads to peaceful resolutions.
Service Education opens up learners to a wealth of new experiences which enhance overall quality of life. Learning through service offers memorable experiences for all involved. Rotary can be one of those service experiences. Let’s Speak Rotary wherever we go and educate others about the opportunity of Rotary.
Don’t forget to encourage our educators on the front lines by letting them know we care and appreciate their efforts. They are certainly heroes and sheroes. 
President Cleo MeriAbut Jarvis