Rotary Themes as Essential Guides
Stroudsburgs Rotary membership represents a cross-section of the local community's business and professional men and women. Members come together to be of service—in the community, the workplace and throughout the world.
As a guide to such activities and to help focus efforts — Rotary International provides a theme for each month that local Rotary organizations, including Stroudsburgs Rotary can adopt.  These themes can serve to spark ideas for projects, as well as guide the organization’s activities. 
Additionally, as we invite speakers and presenters, these themes can serve as a guide to topics for presentations in a given month, however, presenters can also provide information about related topics.
The current monthly themes are:
August             Membership & Extension Month
September      Basic Education and Literacy Month
October           Economic and Community Development/ Polio Eradication Month
November       Rotary Foundation Month
December       Disease Prevention and Treatment Month
January 2021   Vocational Service Month
February          Peace and Conflict Resolution Month
March              Water and Sanitation Month
April                 Maternal and Child Health Month
May                 Youth Service Month
June                 Rotary Fellowship Month
Finally, please remember to Speak Rotary. Invite family and friends to participate in service projects and to share their expertise with Stroudsburgs Rotary.
In Service…
Cleo MeriAbut Jarvis
President 2020 21