Rotary Leadership Institute (RLI) is a way for Rotarians to come
together and learn more about Rotary and leadership that will
benefit not only as they navigate Rotary, but also in their everyday lives.
The sessions are broken into I, II, III and Graduate courses that can
be taken over the course of one or several years. With our current
situation, sessions are now being held virtually rather than in person.
There are 2 upcoming RLIs that you can attend as a first timer with 
session I, or to continue from a session you might have taken in the
past. The next are Saturday March 6 and March 13
and from 9am to 2pm right in your own home. The cost is $25 which
we ask that you pay upfront when you register. Then after you attend the session,
submit your receipt to our treasurer or myself and we will reimburse you for the
fee. Please visit to register and find out more.