This week we had two of the conferees that had attended RYLA at the beginning of summer come and speak to our club about their experience.  Our very own Holley Kearn's son Connor told us about a new game that he and his group came up with and that how they taught everyone that attended the camp.  He had also said that there is more than one way to accomplish a task and that you just have to be creative.  Connor loved going to RYLA and said that if everyone attended the world would be a better place.  Teresa Harding was the other conferee that attended and she is from East Stroudsburg High School North.  Her takeaway was the word SCATTER.  This helped her make new lfielong friends very quickly.    Pictured from left to right are RYLArina Connor Kearns, President Jeff Gilbert, RYLArian Teresa Harding, District Governor Karen DeMatteo, Immediate Past Club President of Rotaract at ESU Leila Bouchekouk and RYLA Chair Amy Leiser.