What a great time everyone had at this year's Spaghetti Dinner!  The event filled weekend started off with meatball making on Friday night.  If you have ever helped with this, you know it was a good time!  For the last few years, we have held the Spaghetti Dinner in conjunction with the American Red Cross Run for the Red event.  This year was great because we were able to be right at Stroudsburg High School during their registration and point them two doors down for the dinner.  Thank you to Rotarian Michele Baher, Executive Director at the Monroe County Red Cross for letting us be part of this event. 
We were able to tell the runners and their families about the dinner and sell them tickets.  I loved talking to the runners that came to register and having my little chocolate donut faced Hailey with me made it that much sweeter!
The dinner was great and you can see everyone was truly enjoying themselves.  Thank you to Rotarian Cleo and her committee for organizing a great event and to all the volunteers!  If you have not turned in your money for the tickets, please do so as soon as possible.  Thanks!  Click below for more pictures!!