Three Rotarians shared their vocations and passions with the group. PP Lucille Piggott-Prawl is a Special Education and Disabilities Advocate. In that capacity, she educates and empowers families and young adults to lead rich, active lives. She works towards improving accessibility. Her passion is to be the voice for the voiceless and be the smile in the room.
Rotarian Marlo Merhige is the Monroe County Controller. She sits on the County Salary, Pension and Prison Boards. Her office pays all the county bills, handles county payroll and retirement accounts. They audit the offices for the 9 magisterial justices, 20 tax collectors and drug task force. Her passion is to ensure financial stability and demonstrate financial integrity.
Rotarian Peter Andrews, our newest member, shared great news on a development program he is working on. He is responsible for the food and beverage operations of the Penn Stroud Hotel in Stroudsburg, Hotel operations are up and running and the food and beverage will be phased in over the next year. The new restaurants will be Jacob's Diner, a Steakhouse with Mediterranean cuisine and a banquet hall. We are very excited to have these new additions to our area. Pete's passion is to ensure culinary excellence in this enterprise and embraces the fervent hope that customers will feel they are comfortable there as in their own homes.