Rotarian Charlie Kirkwood is a Harvard University graduate and he spoke about whether or not the school is discriminating against Asian Americans.  The current demographic of students are 15% African American, 12.3% Hispanic and 22.9% are Asian Americans.  The Asian Students Lawsuit states that 40% of applicants should be Asian not 22.9%.  22,000 applicants apply for a Harvard Undergraduate degree but there are only 2,000 openings.  The criteria that is looked at for admission is their grades from high school, SAT Scores, Recommendations and Activities and their personal ratings (undefined).  Characteristics that fall into this rating are personality, courage, kindness, and other subjective qualities.    The category that is being challenged is the personal ratings.  5.6% of ALL Americans are Asian Americans.  Harvard states that they were seeking to keep diversity and a more well rounded student body.  The Judges decision is expected in the next week or two.