The Satellite Club from the Rotary Club of the Stroudsburgs volunteered at Mady's Community Dinner.  It was a great success!  We had cooked and servced 140 members of our community a wonderful meatloaf dinner.  Organizers of Mady's Kitchen, Laura and Marge Law, appreciate the efforts of the club and said that "sometimes this is the only real meal they get, and we were able to give lots of extra food so they could take home for another meal or two".
Rotarians pictured are John Beljean, Leslie Underhill and Stacy Rodriguez.  They took the reigns on doing the meatloaf prep and all the cooking.  Other volunteers that have helped with cooking, serving and all the clean up included Gail Kulick, Debbie Kulick and Zerla Bertolome.  
If you are interested in helping to serve, the next time the Satellite Club is scheduled to volunteer is October 27th. Dinners are always served the last Sunday of the month so feel free to volunteer then as well!  Email Rotarian Stacy for more info at