We Rise By Lifting Others 
  Robert Ingersoll’s quote “We rise by lifting others” reminds me of a saying in an Ancient African culture. The elders often said “The only time you should look down on     a person is when you reach down to lift them up".
  Lifting others up means that we selflessly put the needs of others before our own needs. As we do so we support the dreams, goals and aspirations of other people. Our            loving acts toward others begin to take root as others take notice and join us.
  A good example is the four friends who founded Rotary. Their efforts certainly have lifted others up. But I am sure they never imagined the magnitude to which their efforts    would grow as others later joined them along the way in service to their fellow human beings.
As we Rotarians work to make the world a better place most of us lift others up in our own small way. It could be with a smile, a compliment, a nod of encouragement, by spending a couple of hours lending a helping hand, donating a few dollars to help a cause, or many other ways. The reward is that warm fuzzy feeling that lifts us as we lift others up.
Have an Uplifted and Joy-filled week.
Cleo MeriAbut Jarvis
President 2020 21