Last week Kelly Foley explained how the SHARE Housing Program works and the benefits to both the renter and the rentee. One of the recipients needs to be over 60 years of age. Click here for the website

Why share a home?  Some people like the idea of having another person around the house. Others are looking for an affordable place to live or a way to supplement their income in order to meet household expenses. In some cases, it enables the older adult to remain in their home and community.

Homesharing offers the homeowner:

  • Income to help with expenses
  • A responsible tenant

Homesharing offers the home seeker:

  • A private bedroom with agreed upon, shared common spaces
  • Affordable rent

Homesharing may offer participants help with household tasks or other agreed upon services. It may also offer the home seeker reduced rent in exchange for services.

Who is eligible? Older adults, persons with disabilities, veterans, working professionals, college students, individuals at-risk of homelessness, single-parents, or people simply wishing to share their lives and homes with others. SHARE participants must be at least 18 years of age and one of the individuals in the match must be over 60.

Last week our District Governor Samantha Maruzzelli, PDG Karen DeMatteo and Mary Tempest made a surprise visit to our club on their way to the President Elect Training Seminar (PETS). Stroudsburgs President Elect Stacy Rodriguez attended along with other President Elects, Assistant Governors and the District Governor Elect and District Governor Nominee from our District.  In total there were about 300 in attendance representing 5 Districts, one which includes the Bahamas.
Stacy pictured with International President Nominee Mario Cesar Martins de Camargo of Brazil 2025-2026