Last week's happenings - Thank you Sonia Eddings for sharing how the AARP could assist you.  We appreciate you coming out to speak with us.
Evening Meeting:
Thank you Kelly Foley for telling us about SHARE - Shared Housing and Resource Exchange serving Monroe, Pike and Wayne Counties.
Shared Housing and Resource Exchange (SHARE) is an affordable housing choice that brings together homeowners who want to share their home with home seekers who are looking for housing in exchange for rent, help around the house, or a combination of both. The home seeker receives their own bedroom and agreed upon use of the common areas. Every arrangement is unique depending on the needs, preferences, and abilities of the participants involved.
Thank you Leslie Underhill for signing up to assist Valor working with our Veterans and homeless in the area, at Dansbury park on Sunday. Opportunities at Dansbury are available every 2nd Sunday.