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Stroudsburgs Rotary
Live Meetings held at
Sycamore Grill in Delaware Water Gap. 
Please reach out to our President, David Yarosh for link
Lunch Rotary Meeting Thursdays
at 11:55 AM
The Sycamore Grille 
92 Main Street Delaware Water Gap, PA
Evening Rotary Meeting Thursdays
at 6:15 PM
Peppe’s Bistro
208 Skyline Dr., East Stroudsburg 18301
Restaurant 6:15pm - Meeting
Dinner before or after is optional.
Mailing Address: PO Box 365 Stroudsburg, PA 18360
Motivational speaker and expert storyteller/magician, Tommy Hilcken, was last weeks speaker and he brought lots of laughs for us.  Tommy, who is in his 32nd year of recovery stressed how important it is to live and laugh, because life is too short. He has seen it all. Many attendees complimented his talk.
Laughter enhances your intake of oxygen-rich air, stimulates your heart, lungs and muscles, and increases the endorphins that are released by your brain. Activate and relieve your stress response.
Need some more reasons to start laughing? Here are 12 for you:
  • It reduces stress. ...
  • It's good for the heart. ...
  • We become less aggressive. ...
  • It strengthens the immune system. ...
  • It makes us more sociable. ...
  • Difficult situations are made easier. ...
  • Happy hormones are released. ...
  • We breathe better.
  • It's great for the kids
  • It aids digestion
  • It's a natural pain reliever
  • It combats insomnia
Thank you Catherine Thayer for sharing your heartfelt journey with us, and being a voice for those that do not have a voice.
A night out with Troop 86. President Dave Yarosh, our Charter Organization Representative, gave a  speech about Rotary, and how both organizations intertwine with community service. 
A big thank you to Todd Nemura, with the United Way who filled in as our speaker, discussing different investment ways of giving back financially and of your time.
Our evening speaker was Artist Clavertis Miller, who discussed mostly about African sculptures from Zimbawee. John Dennis holding up one of the beautifully detailed pieces.
Proposed Board members for 2023-2024
President - Dave Woods
President Elect - Stacy Rodriguez
1st Vice President - Ed Schaefer
2nd Vice President - Joan Molloy
Treasurer - Marlo Merhige
Asst Treasurer - Ted Butz (not a voting member)
Secretary - Jamie Kizer
Asst treasurer - Janell Henderson (not a voting member)
Sargent at Arms - Jeff Gilbert
Director at Large - James Thomas 
Satellite Chair (Director at Large) - Gene Prospero
Youth Services - Heather Nowosad (not a voting member)
Immediate Past President - Dave Yarosh (not a voting member)
We need to vote on the Board. If you are interested in being part of the Board of Directors please see Dave Yarosh.
Stroudsburgs Rotary Foundation is a not-for profit corporation supported solely by voluntary contributions.  Helps us help our community and the world.  Click Below to make your donation today! Click here.
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